2017 ASC Elections

Did you miss the manifesto reading/presidential debate? We didn’t and we have updates for you. More are still coming, so don’t even blink.

Elvis Okoh-Asirifi and Yesmin Alhassan (Presidential candidates)


We will start by commending the current ASC for their contribution towards serving and protecting the interest of students. However, we can’t pretend that they created the utopia or the ideal Ashesi that everyone wishes for, and that is why we are here today: to tell you that we will build what they could not build and continue the projects they could not finish.

I am Elvis Okoh-Asirifi and the smart lady behind me is Yesmin Alhassan, my humble running mate. We believe in efficiency and transparency and we want to create a convenient atmosphere for students to appreciate their differences while nurturing and developing their gifts and talents. If we are voted into power, the first thing we will look at is to expand the Ashesi Scholarship fund. We cannot solely rely on the money kind people drop in the boxes at the cafeterias. We want to put in more efforts by raising funds in the beginning of the semesters, by pitching to students, faculty, alumni, parents and companies who will regard their donations as a social responsibility. Aside that, we will partner with insurance companies to take a small percentage of fees as insurance, in case there is a default of payment, then the company will step in and help. In case there is no default over the four years, then a refund will be made. We are tired of seeing our best friends leave because they cannot afford to pay their fees. We need an insured education! As we mentioned earlier, transparency is very important to us. Therefore, if we are voted into power, we will ensure that students are aware of every decision that we will make on their behalf and on time. Students will be made aware of why the ASC executives make certain decisions and give them the opportunity to air their opinions and complaints. There will also be monthly evaluation of officers, including us the president and vice, as to what we are not doing right and how we can do better. There will also be a section on the ASC website where students can post their complaints. This will keep the executives on our toes and push us to bring out the best for the student body. We also want to make students the ones to identify and solve the problems of this community. We do not want to be agitators, we want to be problem solvers. We want to redefine the code fair, from making students write algorithms that might never be used to writing applications and designing tools that will solve pressing issues on campus. Students will also be encouraged to build tools that can be used on the Ashesi farm to increase productivity, and hence raise the income generated from the farm. The ASC will provide funding to these projects, where necessary to ensure that students have the motivation to work, as well as the tools and equipment they need to get those projects running. We are particularly interested in students' interests and talents and we want to make them nurture them while pursuing their academic goals. This interest led me to form the Actors Guild, yet to be registered as a club, but aimed at making students use their talents in acting, videography and film directing. The Ashesi's got talent was a breakthrough for some people, but those of us who can take pictures, or are very skilled with cooking and even eating etc, how do we get to exhibit our talents? We want to give opportunity for these students to exhibit their skills by organising an event we will name the Keche festival, at least twice a semester, where students get to exhibit their talents in photography, cooking, etc, that cannot be shown in the Ashesi's got talent show. We also want to encourage student initiatives by encouraging students to make use of the venture accelerator for funding and ideation. It won’t end there. These students will be given contracts during ASC events to supply the items we will need during the events, provided it is in their line of business. Besides that, we will also organise events that aim at promoting these businesses by partnering with Campus Trolley to organise events such as trade fairs. There will also be a section on the ASC website where student businesses can be advertised and promoted. Yes, we care! Penultimately, we care about diversity and we appreciate the OSCA and the ODIP's efforts to promote diversity and inclusion on campus. We also want to add our contribution by having a certain percentage of international student representation in the executive council and their committees. We will also hype international student activities the same way we hype ASC activities, because these activities are organized for us, all of us. We will also organise shows where people get to talk about their culture and share their history with people from other countries. Finally, we will set up a fund that will support students who will get study abroad opportunities but may not have enough money to pay all their expenses, and probably decide not to make use of the opportunity at all. We will leverage on the traffic we will pull on our ASC website, as well as the goodwill that has been created by Ashesi students and alumni to appeal to companies and even parents for donations and support. We will also pump some of the returns made from the Ashesi farm into this fund. So now, prepare to grab the next study abroad opportunity. Once again, my name is Elvis and She is Yesmin, YesSir for short. We carry a vision in motion, and we ask you to choose us for an insured education, appreciation of diversity, utilization and nurturing of talents and development of entrepreneurial leaders and problem solvers. YesSir. Thank you.

​Edwin​ ​Adatsi​ ​&​ ​Benjamin​ ​Annan (Presidential candidates)


See, this week we are celebrating International education week and just yesterday, I had the pleasure of learning how to greet someone in Swahili, Shona, Kinyarwanda and so on. It was a wonderful experience and it got us thinking; despite all of our differences in nationality, likes, beliefs and languages; when it comes to what really matters, when​ ​it​ ​comes​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Ashesi​ ​we all​ ​want​ ​to​ ​see​, we are not that different. We stand here today at a special time in Ashesi, you and I. We experienced last semester's outburst and as a community we moved from that. Now that the school administration has done its part in making Ashesi more diverse, inclusive and safe for all, it is time for us as students to build upon that progress. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for you and I. I am sure when I refer to Ashesi as an International Community, everyone here can relate. However, to what extent is this aspect of diversity expressed in the community? Dear students, we’d like you to trust us to bring the International community of Ashesi into the foreground. A new ad-hoc committee will be created to represent the international interests of the Ashesi community. The committee’s roles will involve campus engagement with regards to International events such as the UN day, AU day, Independence Days of the various countries represented in Ashesi, and other International events of interest to the Ashesi community. Fellow students, your leadership is not left out with regards to inclusion and diversity. Every committee in the student government will have international representation in its membership to foster the community of inclusion and diversity we all long for. It​ ​is​ ​really​ ​about​ ​YOU​! To our sports men, women and enthusiasts, we’ve got YOU ! In anticipation of the sports complex that is currently in the process of being constructed, the Sports Committee including all sports lovers cannot afford to waste the possible benefits that will accrue from its future presence. Sports will take a different turn under our leadership. Badminton Bout, AFA Awards Night (Ballon D’or themed), Ashesi Basketball Draft Night, All Star Weekend, Basketball Awards night, Bi-weekly table tennis tournaments and Volleyball tournaments, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is also about YOU! Parties, loud music, major jams. These events are awesome, yes! However, not diverse or inclusive enough! Entertainment in Ashesi will take a very diversified path under our governance. The task of bringing you campus-wide fun is not left only on the shoulders of the entertainment committee, rather, there would be inter-committee collaborations all semester long to bring you a wide range of events. Our Ashesi community should never have a dull moment. We also bring you themed weeks throughout the semester so that everyone will have a place, everyone would have a spot of fill, so that everyone will own an experience! After all ladies and gentlemen, It is about YOU! The night with all the cameras, lights and action is also about to be kicked up by a notch. The famous Ubora Excellence Awards will have category specific awards which is aimed at encouraging student efforts and excellence; instead of a plaque. It is really about YOU! Ladies and gentlemen, we have nothing to hide. A detailed manifesto will be released to the student body before voting. We wish to inform the entire student body that the outlined vision in the manifesto was not put together by just two individuals but by a solid team comprising of multiple year groups, multiple nationalities, and religions. Finally, we believe in engaging in healthy discourse since we all aim for a better Ashesi. If​ ​no, rather​ ​when​ ​we​ ​get​ ​elected​, we encourage the entire student body to be free to voice out your opinions to us, and to any of the other ASC executives or committee members. In light of that, there will be an open half semester review of the committees to the entire student body and budget reallocation where necessary. Now, dear students, standing here today as Ghanaians, internationals and all the other ways we choose to recognize ourselves, greatest​ ​of​ ​all,​ ​as​ ​Ashesi​ ​students​ [pause] it is time to realize it is all about YOU! if this is what you want, if​ ​this​ ​is​ ​what​ ​you​ ​believe​ ​in​, you must Vote Edwin Adatsi and Benjamin Annan for the Ashesi community we ALL​ envision

Christopher Zanu and Etonam Dotse (JEC candidates)


This will arguably be the most important year for the JEC in recent campus
history, as students are becoming more sceptical about the role and
effectiveness of representative institutions such as the JEC. It is therefore
more important than ever for us to come out to vote, and our voices to be
heard! Ladies and gentlemen, our names are Christopher Zanu and Etonam
Dotse and we’re running for the positions of JEC chairperson and vice
The A game is what we present to you as our plan if you choose us as your
next JEC chairperson and vice. Aside being something people may see as
catchy, this was developed by critically analyzing the interactions of the JEC
with the other arms of government and the student body. We thus decided to
address our various observations through the A Game. What is the A Game?
The A Game stands for Awareness, Accountability, and Action.
With Awareness, our focus would be on publicizing the constitution and
student handbook. We will do this by having an article for the week, either
from the constitution or the student handbook, which will be put up for
student perusal as well as elicitation on their views and suggestions. This
would highlight key processes such as AJC procedures, constitution
amendment and other key processes to make students more aware of them.
This is also to address any form of judicial issues on campus and aid in
student knowledge and satisfaction. Aside the formal meetings, we would
utilize informal structures such as fliers and conversations on class
WhatsApp platforms to interact with student at their convenience through the
JEC class representatives. In this same light, we would also be achieving our
objective of having a vibrant and active JEC which has constant interactions
with the student body based on its constitutional functions.
As Socrates says the unexamined life is not a life worth living. By
Accountability, we plan on working with the other arms of the student
council to have a mid-semester review of all the arms of the student council
by the student body. The student council will be held accountable for their
functions as stated in the constitution. As per the constitution, we also plan to
hold the Executive Council accountable for their campaign promises. This
will be done by creating an independent ad hoc committee to track progress
made and after a which a report would be made known to the entire student
body at the end of a session
Finally, action – we define action as taking initiative on the main ideals/core
values of Ashesi being integrity and the honor code. An ad hoc committee
would be formed to assess the impact of the academic honor code and
students' perceptions of it. We would also engage the Student Life
Engagement unit of OSCA on how we can bring formalize a social honor
code. This would be in light of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the
Examination Honour Code come January. Action would also be carried
through maintaining old relevant structures such as Honor Code and integrity
talks not only with freshmen but also expanding to other year groups through
informal structures.
At the center of the A Game is YOU the Ashesi student. The A Game cannot
be achieved without your participation and involvement. We want to hear
your views on all judicial and electoral issues which are of concern to you
and act on them. We are aware that this is a human institution and as such
may have some imperfections in the dispensation of its duties. However, we
should not see these imperfections as an avenue to stir up division but rather
an avenue for the student body to unite and collaborate with the student
council through mutual respect and the right channels of communication. By
doing this, we can then become the citizens and leaders that this prestigious
institution seeks to raise for the African continent.
Therefore, do not vote for us just because we are your friends, but vote for us
because of our capability and the vision we have for the school and can
achieve with you. Vote for a vision that promotes Action, Awareness,
Accountability, Ashesi, and Africa at large. Ladies and gentlemen, the A

Thank you

Benjamin Kusi and Nana Ehoa Acquaye (JEC candidates)


Ever since I discovered my passion for justice and the need for people to have and practice integrity in all their activities, I have always worked hard to preach this to people. I believe that the primary reason for every human’s action has to do with how the person thinks. Because our mindset determines what we say in our heart. And what we say in our heart determines what we do. As such, I believe that continuously teaching people about the importance and benefits of embracing justice and practicing integrity would help change their mindset and even appreciate the positive impact that they could make in the world with justice and integrity. Connecting my passion and experiences at Ashesi has made me realize the need to contest for the position of JEC Chairperson. I and my vice have no doubt that this is a wonderful opportunity for us to represent and defend the entire student body in judicial affairs. The following are the primary goals that we seek to achieve in the interest of the entire student body when being voted into power as a JEC Chairperson and Vice Chairperson respectively: Transformation: in Article 8, Section 1(b), it states that “A student, who aspires to be elected or appointed to any committee of the A.S.C., be it standing or ad hoc must have no traits of academic dishonesty, criminal or civil cases.” We believe that true transformation is just what happens on the inside of a person. And that people change and become positive impact making people. As such, we would see to it that people are given a second chance to demonstrate a reflection of the transformation that has gone on; on the inside of them. And contest for positions so that they could make positive impacts on the entire student body. For what is the essence of the honor code which is based on trust; when we do not trust that people, who have been involved in academic misconduct have changed and can impact the entire student body. Transparency: this has to do with making people get to know what goes on in an actual AJC sitting. We plan on doing this through animations to erase people’s perception about unfairness in AJC cases. We believe that this would make people feel comfortable and reduce the feeling of fear whenever they hear something that has to do with AJC cases. Impact Making: with all the above-mentioned goals, we believe that the right way to know whether these goals are being achieved is to observe the level of impact that these goals make in the entire Ashesi community at every point in time. We plan on doing this by continually ensuring that at each point in time, we would evaluate what has already been done to know whether we are on the right track to achieving our goals and making in an effective way; the impact that we seek to achieve. In addition, we appreciate the impact that the honor code is making in our academic lives. However, we would want to increase this impact by extending the honor to our social lives. Escalate the impact of structures put in place by the current JEC government: we believe that there is room for improvement on the structures put in place by the current JEC government for a generational impact to be made in the entire Ashesi community. Because there would be no need to implement new structures if the good existing ones are not achieving its goals in the most impactful way. This includes; interpreting the ASC constitution in a more relating way so that people can understand and know certain basic rights that they have. In addition to all the above said, we are very open to new ideas and ways that we could do things better. We believe that this would enable us to represent and serve the entire student body best; in the most effective and impactful way.

Molife Chaplain and Audrey Mutswiri (JEC candidates)


The meaning of our 3 core values

Justice - We believe that there is a pre-justice phase, the justice dispersion and the post-justice phase. This belief embeds the idea that we cannot have proper justice if the people it should serve are in the dark on what their rights, duties and privileges are. **Justice known to all - at the fingertips of all

Effectiveness - We believe that leadership is about setting goals and achieving them, through determination and persistence. Hence, a JEC under our leadership will focus on goals, such as constitutional education.

Character - as an institute, Ashesi believes in leadership, and ethics. This belief is a fundamental principle that governs how leadership and people behave and interact. We believe that our character and that of our institute are key in building leaders who yield results. Milestones like the honour code are pivotal, but more must be done. We want to bring a JEC that is approachable, accessible, open-minded and unbiased about judicial cases. We really want to be an institution or arm of the people, for the people and by the people. We want the Ashesi community to embody the character of being just and fair not in only our daily actions to one another but to our ourselves as well

Why Us?

Based on our value of Justice.

  1. We believe that the constitution should be a widely publicized and well understood document. We will do this by working with Parliament to speak to the different year groups about and on the constitution. Our focus will be to have meetings and info sessions that inform the public on constitutional issues, gather their views and inform amendments were necessary.
  2. we believe that the AJC rulings should be made public before, during and after resolutions of cases. In doing this, we believe that transparency can be balanced with confidentiality. And that the AJC should be an institute of justice, rather than a behemoth of conviction. We will make sure students are notified of cases within the AJC, and their proceedings, and that the verdict is also made understandable to the students. Whilst the case is made public, the names involved will be withheld to maintain the confidentiality of these students.
  3. Still on the AJC, we believe that the Council should make documents of previous cases available to the public. In this, we allow the students to understand what has happened in previous cases and how certain decisions were reached. Grievances may also be addressed and given that students may have different opinions on cases, their opinions can inform future decisions as well.
  4. We would also like to explore the idea of student advocates. A council of students that has ample knowledge and understanding of the constitution, and who can give advice to the students involved in AJC cases. This will make the experience a less daunting one than the current situation where a student must go and defend him/herself alone when faced with a case. This reminds us that an accused is: Innocent until Proven guilty.
  5. We believe that in building our character, the honour code is pivotal to this end. We believe that the orientation to the honour code should take a more deliberate and meaningful path. From before the student arrives at Ashesi, the honour code should be a meaningful principle and concept. We believe this can be achieved by making parts of the constitutional education begin with the acceptance package of Ashesi. The honour code should cease to be a matter of we have to, and become a matter of we need to and students should be able to see the need to. No student should accept the honour code because they are afraid of being guilt tripped, or feeling out of order. The students should be well informed about what the honour code is and what it entails. If we are interested in creating an ethical African leadership, we must focus on making sure the honour code is not just a statement, but a conviction and a radiating energy field that covers our academics, social and spiritual life. Therefore, we believe that the honour code, with the approval of the Ashesi Student body, should be amended to; “I will not steal, lie nor cheat. Neither will I tolerate anyone who partakes in such. I will hold myself, and those around me accountable to this principle.”