ASC Presidential Debate and Manifesto Reading

It’s that time of the year again. Time to elect a new student head alongside a vice president to present issues facing the student body to the administration. Three contestants, one enviable position. Who will win?
On the list appears, two determined engineering students set on bringing inclusion of students into the administration among other visions they hold.

Their names Edwin Adatsi, hopeful ASC president, and Benjamin Annan, his hopeful Vice president.

Edwin Adatsi and Benjamin Annan

They seem to be the most hyped amongst the candidates but there seems to be another striving duo, Elvis Okoh-Asirifi and Yesmin Kofigah Alhassan with their catchy slogan, “YesSir“.

Elvis Okoh-Asirifi and Yesmin Kofigah

I could be wrong if they aren’t the next choice on the list but then again, we are all entitled to our opinions. 

The last pair of aspirants on the list, with their circulating enthralling campaign posters, are well noted for their hard work, zeal, and passion towards their activities, Carol Armah and David Sasu, bringing on a revolution with experiences, so they say.

Carol Armah and David Sasu

Flipping over to the side of the JEC, the chair position is one of the most respected positions on campus. They literally hold your life in their hands when your case lands on their table. They basically decide your fate if you’re to appear before their court when a mishappening occurs. Well, there are individuals who would wish to occupy this seat of judgment. A notorious pair of inspiring MIS students, Christopher Zanu standing for the JEC chairperson, and faithful Vice, Etonam Dotse, are striving to bring on their A game in the Judicial Executive Council of the Ashesi community.

Christopher Zanu and Etonam Dutse

Can’t wait to see what they offer? Well, why not vote for them and let’s see if this “A-Game” (Accountability, Awareness & Action) is not just a play on words.
It’s always motivating when you have sophomores standing for major positions in Ashesi. We have our very own, outspoken Molife Chaplain and Audrey Mutswiri, standing for Chairperson and Vice respectively.

Molife Chaplain and Audrey Mutswiri

Kudos to them. Let’s see what they have to bring to the table by voting for them. Last but not least on the list, we have Benjamin Kusi and Nana Ehoa, juniors, with their core values of Transformation, Impact making and Transparency.

Benjamin Kusi and Nana Ehoa

However, we would never know how unique their ideas would play out if we never give them a chance.
This is the time, that time of the year to make a change in the school and your life by voting one of our very own to be our ambassadors.
#Vote wisely.

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