Stephen Gyan

JEC Chairperson

Judicial and Electoral Council (JEC) is the one of the arms of Ashesi Student Council (ASC) comprising the JEC Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and student representatives from the freshman, sophomore, junior, senior classes and the Dean of Students and Community Affairs (who act as an ex-officio member).
The role of the JEC among other things is to oversee judicial matters concerning the students body, organize students’ election, investigate allegations of negligence of duty, abuse of authority, incompetence and theft of A.S.C. property brought against officers or elected committee members, interpret the ASC constitution and its by-laws. Additionally, the JEC is responsible to ensure that student funds are properly managed by the Executive Council and responsible for ensuring that the Executive Council sticks to its campaign promises and indicate changes made in the Ashesi Student Handbook in each academic year to students.
Currently, the Council is headed by Stephen Gyan’18 as the Chairperson. The following are the other members of the Council representing their various classes are;
Eric Nyame’18, Laari Martey’18, Bless Ayikpa’18, Emmanuel Wayne’19, Purity Musau’19, Victor Hazel’19, Samuel Atule’20, Kingsley Besidnne’20 and Sadat Issah’20
For any concern, kindly contact the JEC at