Finance Committee

Joseph-Peter Yoofi Brown-Pobee ’19
Finance Committee Chairperson

Yoofi Brown-Pobee’19 is the Finance Committee Chairperson of the Student Council and a Management Information Systems major. An alumnus of Tema International School, he immediately got into student government in his first year, joining the Sports and Finance Committees. He also joined the Ashesi D: Lab where he coordinated a cross university Design Project between Ashesi University and Brown University. He engaged in a similar project in 2017 this time with Dartmouth University and is currently a Design Lab Management Intern in charge of coordinating Hackathons that produce high impact solutions.

He loves professional wrestling particularly WWE, is a Chelsea fan and thinks Breaking Bad and Prison Break are the best series ever made. He knows nothing about basketball (still thinks Kobe is 25 years). He loves banter and making jokes and really cherishes his friends and classmates. One thing he guarantees with this ASC is efficiency and diligence. You won’t forget team.