Legistlative Council

Legistlative Council of the Ashesi Student Council (ASC).
In December 2016, the Judicial and Electoral Council of the ASC reviewed the constitution and included a third arm of government namely the Legislative Council. The student body through a democratic voting approved the constitution. In January  2017, the election for Parliamentary Members was announced and at the end of February 2017, the student Council of Ashesi University had its first ever Student Parliament headed by the Speaker of Parliament and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament. The Legislative Council also has members of parliament who are the heads of the four major constituencies of the student body which are the class groups respectively.
The role of the student parliament
The student parliament is the voice of students at Ashesi University. The parliamentary council needs to be aware of student grievances and suggestions at every point in time and be able to defend and protect the interest of the students. The student parliamentarians are expected to be active participants in student politics and operate in the interest of the student body. Parliamentary members must help create discussions among students about social responsibility and ethical leadership. The student parliament is mandated by the ASC Constitution to hold the Judicial and Electoral Council of the ASC accountable with regards to its functions. Finally, the Legislative Council works hand in hand with the executive council towards the achievement of the goals of the ASC having the student at heart.
The heads are the Speaker of Parliament (Mary Owusu – Ewusi) and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament (Joshua Baba Rasheed Mahama). There are 3 main constituencies for now. That is class of 2020 to class of 2018 and 2019, however, there will be an election for the class of 2021s when they come. In total there are 12 MPs