Off-Campus Committee

Elorm Dela-Brown ’19
Off-Campus Committee Chairperson

Elorm is a junior, a Business Administration major and an avid sportsman. He’s enthusiastic about welfare and being a part of fun occasions.

There’s always one thing he’s kept close to heart and it’s that “life is but one”. Life is way too short, but God didn’t only give us 24 hours, He gave us time and he intends to use that meaningfully and its full capacity.

As Off-Campus chairperson, he intends to explore the different fun opportunities that can engage as many students as possible regardless of your year group, nationality or residence. Stress is eminent here at Ashesi and fun can be the same too. I can’t do this without the cooperation of the student body, so I hope to see you all around. Remember, like me, never wake up without hope and sleep with disappointment. Just live, laugh and learn!