Public Relations Committee

Wayne Gakuo ’19
Head of Public Relations

Wayne Gakuo is a social and outgoing student who hails from Mombasa, Kenya. His love for social media came when he just finished high school. As a tech-enthusiast and always thirsty for knowledge, he was constantly using online media to satisfy his curiosity; knowing what is trending and newly-introduced technological gadgets. Having been financially-sponsored in high school, and now in Ashesi University under the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship, Wayne loves community outreach programs since he feels he has an obligation to mentor the young ones from disadvantaged backgrounds. “Financial constraints should not bar people from gaining access to education”, he says. “There is unlimited and untapped potential that rests with these future leaders.”

Wayne has been in the previous Public Relations Committee where he spearheaded the Ashesi Students Council’s social media team that saw 128% increase in the number of followers both on Instagram and Facebook. “I look forward to using my committee as a platform where students get to learn and sharpen their skills in photography, writing, cinematography and graphic designing”, he adds. “With this, the produced content will be used to showcase the lives of Ashesi students and magnify the image of the ASC”