Robert Mugabe resigns: Zimbabweans in Ashesi rejoice amidst passionate prayers.

Once in a while, the game changes…

Today, I just signed the attendance and left my last class for the day after waiting and my lecturer not showing up. That’s not the only reason why I left the class  though, I was also super duper exhausted. It’s just Tuesday but the work load and pressure makes it feel like it’s Friday already. Well, I dragged my feet to my room to grab some rest before continuing the sojourn. Then I heard screams and shouts on the roof top [I live just below it]. I rushed to the roof top, with my camera fully set. What I saw, only this video can explain.

Woow. Whatever they were saying, me I don’t know, but I believe it made meaning to them and I felt so touched.

Before all these, I knew that President Robert Mugabe had just resigned as the President of Zimbabwe but I didn’t see it as a big deal. Boy was I wrong.

Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years (1980 – 2017). At one time, he’s been quoted as saying “only God can remove me!”. So my thought right now is that one of two things must have happened: either God had stepped into Zimbabwe today to remove Mugabe, or we humans are simply more powerful than we think. One thing is for sure, the rule, which some have described as dictatorship, has come to an end.

To my Zimbabwean friends, welcome to a future without Robert Mugabe. Share your views on how you think this will be like

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